Just Ivy represents a co-mingling of pop prowess, seductive R&B, and astounding showmanship

Within the span of only one year, Just Ivy enchanted everybody from DJ Khaled and Akon to premier choreographer and creative director Laurieann Gibson, while splitting her time between Europe and the United States.
So, what is it about the sultry singer, songwriter, performer, and femme fatale that has captivated and attracted so many trend-setters?
Musically, Just Ivy represents a co-mingling of pop prowess, seductive R&B, and astounding showmanship. She's always stirred a cauldron of influences though. While growing up in Europe, she cherished experiences and embraced various cultures, which helped give her the strength to take risks.
Drawing from influences including Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, she truly started pursuing her musical dream in 2012. Locking herself in a New York studio, the artist concocted an intoxicating sound of her own. "I experiment with everything I possibly can," she smiles. "I love pop music, but I love urban as well. They're completely different, and I'm inspired by both. At the same time, I impart a piece of myself on everything I do. I've always felt like when there's nothing to say, there's music. Every song can be traced back to an emotion in your life. It defines moments."
In late 2013, she unveiled her first official single the sunny "Paradise" featuring Akon. Their voices entwine within seductive harmony over a beat by REO of The Sound Killers [Beyonce?, Lil Wayne, Keyshia Cole]. The track became a success online, quickly amassing over 100,000 views on YouTube and turning all eyes on her.
Around the same time, DJ Khaled and Just Ivy crossed paths serendipitously. Khaled remixed one of her songs and then urged that they collaborate. Inspired by her style and panache, he proposed that they work on the incendiary "Bad Girl Takeover" together. After a call from Khaled, Meek Mill delivered his signature impenetrable verses in between an elegantly sexy hook from the diva. About her second single, she reveals, "It's about having the strength to walk away from a bad relationship."
That's not the only collaboration with Khaled on her forthcoming full-length debut. The super producer also teamed up with Just Ivy for the 2014 follow-up single "Light Me Up". Blending iridescent production with a blindingly brilliant hook, it's meant to make bodies move on the dance floor. "It's basically about love," she goes on. "You wait for this guy your whole life, and he's finally here. So, you can't stop yourself. Everybody tells you to slow down and take your time, but you want to rush into it because you're sure he's the one."
While in Los Angeles working on a music video, Just Ivy caught the attention of Laurieann Gibson as well—whose resume includes Lady Gaga, P. Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and many others. Gibson became her creative director as the duo honed an immediate chemistry.
Outside of her art, the singer immerses herself in fashion, traveling, and movies, making for a well-rounded approach to everything she does.
Now, as she readies the album, Just Ivy has one goal in mind. "If people can relate to my music and feel happy, that would be the biggest reward," she says. "That's what I dream of. If I can be there for somebody, I've accomplished everything I ever wanted to."